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13 February 2017
The Financial Reporting Council has today issued a revised edition of FRS 103 Insurance Contracts and the accompanying Implementation Guidance.
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7 February 2017
The FRC notes on best practice published today highlight how audit committees can approach the process.
News - Auditing
6 February 2017
I am delighted to be here speaking on three very connected subjects, corporate governance, culture and risk, which over the past year have ignited political discussion and calls for change.
News - Corporate Governance
1 February 2017
The FRC has today published a revised Practice Note 20, which brings together guidance for practitioners auditing insurance entities in the UK.
News - Auditing
30 January 2017
UK audit firms are at the forefront of developing and using data analytic techniques with the potential to improve audit quality.
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25 January 2017
Announcement of a Formal Complaint against CAI members Mr John Shannon, Mr Raymond Flynn and Mr Matthew Boyle, relating to AssetCo plc.
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13 January 2017
FRC comment on an ICSA and IA project to ensure boards understand views of their stakeholders
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12 January 2017
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has published a report ‘Joint Forum on Actuarial Regulation: 2016 risk perspective update’. The report is an update to the feedback statement ‘Joint Forum on Actuarial Regulation: A risk perspective’ published in July 2015.
News - Actuarial
12 January 2017
Announcement of appointments of Phil Fitz-Gerald as Director of the Financial Reporting Lab and Jennifer Sisson as Senior Investor Engagement Manager
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11 January 2017
The Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) annual report, Developments in Corporate Governance and Stewardship 2016, is published today against a backdrop of falling public trust in business.
News - Corporate Governance